An interview is a very common oral examination that is used by most employers to assess the skills of their new employee. In fact, in the corporate world interviews are the inevitable parts of securing a job. After acquiring the necessary skills in various levels of education, you need a job to live your dream. For most newbies that are straight out of school, it can be quite an overwhelming period.

Passing an interview has no specific formula since different employers use different techniques to assess their new employees. However, there are common cues that you need to observe before, during and after an interview in order to secure your first job. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to pass your first interview.

Do your Homework

As aforementioned, passing your first job interview requires you to prepare aptly. You should always do thorough research about the company that you want to work. In most cases, interviewers like testing the interviewee if they know a thing or two about the company.

Also, have some significant background information about the institution …

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